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Motorbike used: Bmw GS 1200 R

Departure: 07 July 2019

Arrival: 17 July 2019

Km traveled: 2,500

Countries visited: Germany-Holland

07 July 2019 (110 km) Finally we leave for this new adventure on the road with my wife Laura. We leave the city of Malmö under a light drizzle to reach the port of Trelleborg where the ship for Travemunde in Germany will leave at 10.45. The departure is on time and the journey passes quietly until reaching Germany in the evening. The weather is good and the temperature is perfect. It starts in the direction of Hamburg about 80 km from the port. By highway we quickly reach the city where I booked a room at the Novum Hotel Hamburg Stadtzentrum. Parked the motorbike in the parking lot of the hotel very close to the structure and arranged the luggage we go down in the center until we reach the Hamburg Town Hall (Hamburger Rathaus) with its imposing main facade 111 meters wide and with a central tower 112 meters high. A real show. Let's take some pictures and then meet in a nearby pub with Nicola and Massimo of Italian motorcyclists returning from Caponord that had passed the day before from my house for a coffee. Who would have thought that we would meet the next day on the road! I take this opportunity to thank them for the beer and the pleasant evening spent together. After a short walk through the canals you say goodbye and who knows maybe you'll meet again somewhere.