11 May 2019 - Västra Strömonumentet och Frännarp
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Sparkling air, wonderful sun, blue sky. Sweden still gives us a fantastic weekend to spend on the road. Yellow is still the dominant color of the Swedish countryside. Rapeseed fields as far as the eye can see. The heady smell accompanies us for a good part of the journey. Near Eslöv we reach the Västra Strömonumentet. It is a monument of the Viking age composed of seven standing stones. Two of these stones are in granite and are adorned with runic inscriptions. The largest of these reports in modern Swedish "Fader erected this stone for his brother Ösur who died in the northern lands". The place is magnificent and is right next to a huge rapeseed field. There is also a bench where you can sit and admire this enchanting panorama. We take advantage of it for a good coffee and a slice of orange cake. Once we got back on our bikes, we headed towards the Söderåsen National Park. From this moment a good part of the journey is on unpaved roads. On the road we meet a herd of grazing cows that are very intrigued by our presence so much that they come close to being almost touched. They are really funny and very sweet with that tender look. Soon we arrive in the heart of the national park where we stop for lunch. Today the menu includes canned "chilli con carne"! Not bad. We continue the motorbikes to cross a very long stretch of wooded area that from Röstånga reaches Tormestorp all off-road. Dozens and tens of kilometers immersed in the woods. An extraordinary show. In the middle of the path we stop for a last coffee and take out what's left of the cake. The rest of the group is returning home I continue my journey through the city of Hässleholm before heading to Knislinge to visit Frännarp Petroglyphs. These are petroglyphs from the Bronze Age period 1800-1500 BC The stone carvings consist of figures that look like wagons, wheels, feet, snakes. The dominant figures represent wagons and ring-shaped crosses. The ring cross is both a symbol of the sun and a symbol of the cycle of nature, life and death. The site can be reached via a dirt track and then continues on a wooden pier. From here you can take a walk in the surroundings near a stream surrounded by nature in an idyllic landscape. Until next time.