05 May 2019 - Krubbemölla-Öradekaren

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The temperature has dropped considerably compared to the past few weeks but still the day looks wonderfully beautiful. Today we are really many. Left the city is an explosion of yellow. The rapeseed in bloom as every year amazes for the beauty. The contrast between the intense yellow of the rapeseed, the blue sky and the white clouds is pure magic. You are literally enchanted by this wonderful spectacle of nature. The smell of rape fields is intoxicating and you want to get inside and walk in this splendor. We reach Lake Sövde where we stop for the inevitable coffee and orange cake. It brings a slight breeze but it is particularly pleasant to be in the sun. It starts again along long stretches of unpaved road, crossing woods and still huge rapeseed fields. Yellow is almost blinding. I can't resist going into one of the fields, being careful not to step on the plants. Pure magic. In short we reach the Krubbemölla an ancient water mill whose origins date back to the 1600s. The place is idyllic, surrounded by lush nature. We take the opportunity to have lunch, comfortably seated at the tables. Today the menu includes goulash .. in box but super good! Of course you can't miss coffee to complete it all. After a long stop, we set off towards Vitemölla to reach Öradekaren. Through a pleasant walk among sheep and small lambs, we find ourselves in what was in the seventeenth century a fish trap, made up of nine gates with intermediate waterfalls where the fish rising in counter-current ended up in gutters where they were then easily collected. The structure was renovated in 2010 and allowed the passage of eels and trout even at low tide. Really a great place to spend a plendid day immersed in nature. Continuing our walk we reach the sea where the river brings its waters. It's time to go home. Until next time.