10 March 2019 - Mångelsten-Jättegraven-Häckeberga kvarn-Åsums Vattenkvarn-Hallsbergs Stenar-Skvaltkvarn

All photos here https://goo.gl/RtmXkk

Uncertain day regarding the weather but the desire to go out and lots and lots. In the morning it rained but the forecasts give an improvement. We leave the city to head towards Bara. A few kilometers outside the center, just behind the road, is the Mångelsten, an ancient tomb composed of some megaliths. On the other hand, a short walk at the edge of a field leads to the Jättegraven, another picturesque stone burial about 16 meters in diameter. We continue our motorbikes crossing the Heckeberga nature reserve to reach a magical place, the ruins of the old mill, right on the river's edge. The Häckeberga mill, also called Vannmöllan, was already mentioned for the first time in 1624 and was built on three levels of brick on a gray stone base. It had three mills and two mills. Today only the walls remain. The place is beautiful with lots of equipped areas. Right on a table by the river we take the opportunity to make a stop for a good coffee and the inevitable orange cake. A short path leads to the Gängesvägen, the route of the old road used by Karl XI's troops marching towards the war in 1670 against Denmark. Once we got back on the bikes we headed towards Sjöbo in the rain. We arrive on the old bridge where the Åsums Vattenkvarn, the water mill of 1860 is located. The sun has returned to shine and the great structure with the typical red color shines in all its beauty. We set off again to arrive in a very unusual place, the Hallsberg farm. This old farm from 1825 includes a museum and the Möllehuset with Hallsberg stones. For many years, the owner of the old mill built in 1849 Nils Nilsson (1818-1896) worked carving thirteen stones found in the fields with particular forms and texts until his death in 1896. The stones tell his philosophy of life and are inspired to the bible. These are true works of art of refined beauty. Too bad the museum has not yet opened for the season but it will be this opportunity to come back. We head towards Andrarum, making a brief stop on the way to visit the small mill of Sillaröd in operation until 1922. From here we come to the castle of Christinehof for the lunch break. After a good coffee we leave for Vollsjö. The temperature has dropped considerably and the thermometer shows +1. Suddenly for about 15 minutes it begins to snow heavily! A real show. Through unpaved roads we reach Lake Vomb. On the road at the edge of a forest a beautiful specimen of deer looks at me intrigued by my presence. We observe each other for a few minutes just the time to photograph it and then disappear with a snap in the vegetation. This beautiful day on the raod could not have ended better. Until next time.