03 March 2019 - Gillhög - Hofterupsdösen - Slaget vid Dösjebro

All the photos here https://goo.gl/WN3JrV

In the morning a dark sky and a light rain do not promise anything good but around noon the sky seems to open and suddenly the sun shines again. Wife and daughter to ski, my physical conditions unfortunately do not allow me then what better medicine than a nice bike ride. I head towards Lomma where I make a short stop on the coast. The wind and the place are perfect for kitesurfing and it is a real spectacle to watch the sails race quickly with the Turning Torso and the Öresund bridge in the background. From here I move to Kävlinge to visit the Gillhög, a megalithic burial of the Stone Age on a hill. The tomb dates back to about 3,300 years ago. The mound has a diameter of 25 meters and a height of two and a half meters. From a narrow door you enter along a short corridor on your knees to reach the central hall where you can easily stand up. As soon as I get out of the grave, I realize that just behind fifty meters there is a beautiful pair of deer that has not noticed my presence. I have time to change the camera lens and get on the roof of the structure to photograph them. The two deer look at me for a moment and then flee to the sea. In their race they cross the road and we miss them very little that are not invested by a passing car. A great surprise. I take the bike to travel a few kilometers and reach the Hofterupsdösen, another stone age burial called the dead! It is located just east of the Hofterup church in the municipality of Kävlinge. It consists of four boulders of about one meter and twenty which form a chamber with a large boulder as a roof. The place is very special and evocative. In the meantime, a friend joins me. We take advantage of the place for a good coffee and some orange cake. We head towards Dösjebro to visit the ancient bridge where in 1181 a bloody battle took place. After the rise to power of Absalon as the archbishop of Skania, the latter imposed on the peasants the payment of one tenth of the harvest to the church. This event brought out the discontent among the population that joined in a small army facing the troops of Absalon right on this bridge. The battle was devastating for the peasants who lost more than a thousand men. The sky in the meantime is back to being gray and I just have to return home. See you next time.