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23 February 2019 - A barbecue at Klåveröd -Snuvestuan

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Magnificent sunny day with a temperature of about 5 degrees. Today will be a day without major motorcycle commitments just a walk to Klåveröd for a nice barbecue with friends. From the main road starts a short dirt road that reaches the middle of the reserve, where there is also a parking lot. From here different paths start. We follow what leads to Snuvestuan, a ravine between rock walls and a small natural cave where an excellent area equipped with a grill was set up. The walk winds through a magnificent beech forest. At the destination we prepare everything necessary for the barbecue. The place is truly enchanting, protected from the wind and with magnificent vegetation. There is also a small cave where you can sleep in a sleeping bag or grate in the presence of rain. Meanwhile, another biker arrives in place just in time for a slice of cake and the inevitable coffee. Back to the parking lot, a good part decides to return instead we take advantage of the beautiful sunny day for another walk to get to the highest point of all the Skania, think a little 212.2 meters above sea level, from vertigo! Here there is a wooden tower from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area. It's really nice to sit here and bask in the sun in absolute silence. We leave this place with regret but it is now also for us to return home. See you next time