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Not having received more confirmations for today, I have not checked in late evening on Friday if there were any latecomer. I got up a little later than expected and checked the weather. Fog! As soon as I get coffee, I get a call on my cell phone. Hello, we are already here for the motogita! Ops! Guys come to my house and we'll have a coffee together and then go out. I take a moment to prepare myself. I welcome them still in my pajamas. The coffee is ready and it takes about ten minutes to be ready for departure. This time nothing sweet homemade but the classic Italian panettone can be fine. After taking everything you need for lunch, you start off through the Häckeberga nature reserve in an unusual landscape immersed in the mist, a very special charm. We meet a nice group of deer in the middle of a field that is frightened by our presence running through the road and then disappearing into the woods. After traveling for about seventy kilometers, we pause for the ever-present coffee and the Christmas panettone! Shooting the bike we make a very special meeting. Dozens of cows grazing cross the road regardless of our passage. Finally we reach the small but beautiful nature reserve of Rövarekulan near Rolsberga. It is said that the name derives from the numerous thieves who struck on the ancient stone bridge. Crossing the bridge begins a large beech forest that follows the course of the river with crystal clear waters of excellent quality that allows the life of different types of fish and river scallops. Bello the path that follows the course of the river. The reserve is just three kilometers long but it is really very interesting. After our walk we leave everything needed for a nice barbecue. Not bad to end this day like this. See you next time