November 25th 2018 - A coffee in the woods and deer!
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The temperature has dropped significantly compared to the past few days but the desire for a walk in motion is felt. The thermometer marks 2 degrees when I leave the bike from the garage. I head towards Degerberga. I do not have a precise path, but I really want wood, so I follow the long dirt roads that cross some nature reserves. Trees have largely lost their foliage but the undergrowth is still green. I stop often along the way for some photos. Today is my lucky day. I meet several deer groups on the edge of the woods or in the trees several times, even one crosses the street a few meters. It is always a great emotion to watch these animals in their natural environment. Near Degeberga I stop at the edge of a small pond. Unexpectedly the sun comes out and it is really good despite the temperature being one degree. I take this opportunity to eat a sandwich and make me a good coffee. How wonderful to sip coffee in absolute silence with this splendid panorama. It's time to return home. See you next time.