03 November 2018 - Lake Odeon - Söderåsen National Park

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Still a magnificent sunny day and temperature around 10 degrees. Last night, given the excellent weather forecast and free from commitments I organized a nice last minute ride to visit the Söderåsen National Park and in particular the small lake Odeon. The colors of autumn are still wonderfully beautiful and the bright sun accentuates the brightness. Through the woods it seems to enter colorful cathedrals, where the works of art are the trees, each with its colors, its shapes, its play of light. A marvel of nature that leaves you speechless. We stop in the Skrylle nature reserve for the ever-present coffee and homemade cake. We go down to the castle of Trolleholm where we take a short break. The small lake adjacent to the manor reflects the colors of the forest, the sky and the clouds on its body of water. The result is enchanting. We start again crossing long stretches of dirt road until we reach the heart of the Söderåsen National Park. Here nature gives us the best of itself. A few kilometers and we reach the parking lot south of the park. We take everything we need for lunch and we walk along the path that leads to Lake Odeon. A pleasant walk through the woods that leads to a small pearl. The lake nestled between the small hills is a natural oasis of breathtaking beauty, especially now with the colors of autumn. The reflection of the vegetation on the calm waters of the lake is pure magic. We lunch comfortably seated at one of the tables of the equipped area and then finish what remains of the cake accompanied by the last coffee of the day. Very pleasant day and in good company. See you next time.