28 October 2018 - Forsakar Falls

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And to think that this morning it was snowing! The trip to the Forsakar nature reserve was scheduled for Saturday but due to the bad weather conditions with heavy rain it was postponed on Sunday. Sunday at 08.00 outside temperature +2 degrees and partly covered with sun and at times. It's not bad to go out on the bike because the forecasts improve. 09.00 snowing! I'm not intimidated. Contact the other "two volunteers" of today to postpone the departure of an hour. At 10.00 am arrival at the appointment. Just enough time to say goodbye and start to snow again but who cares about the predictions are not bad. We leave the city to go to the second place of appointment. It only takes a few kilometers to understand that I was right. The weather begins to gradually improve. It does not snow anymore and the temperature has risen by half a degree. A thin layer of snow has accumulated in the fields and in the woods, which makes the landscape quite special. Along the way we meet some deer at the edge of the forest. A falcon almost falls on his head, scared by the passage of the motorcycles. Timidly back to shine the sun in the clouds, good opportunity for a coffee break in a wonderful wooded area with a table for us. Today we have to share the orange cake just in three parts! Shooting the motorbikes we follow one of the most beautiful roads of all the Skania that starting from Andrarum comes to Agusa. The colors of autumn are still strong and it's a real show. Finally we reach Degeberga to visit Forsakar. It is a small nature reserve in the middle of a ravine where the flowing of a river forms the two highest waterfalls in Skania with a fall height of 8 and 10 meters respectively. The route following the low road to reach the falls is exciting. You are immersed in unspoiled nature. In fact, in the Forsakar nature reserve, nature develops freely. This means that no action is taken, with the exception of removing any trees or branches that may fall on the paths, hindering the passage of visitors. Many think that this way of doing makes the reserve unattractive but it is actually a prerequisite for preserving the biodiversity of this place. Arrived under the falls we take the opportunity to have lunch with the sandwiches that we have brought dientro. You can not miss coffee with mocha. But when I start to prepare it I realize I have forgotten the coffee box in the bike! Back at the parking we redo a nice cup of steaming Italian coffee. We start back home. Once near Lake Vomb we spot a small group of deer at the edge of the forest and then another. The unpaved road goes into the woods and we follow it in the hope of pleasant meetings that are not long in coming. At first a small group of deer crosses the road to disappear into the woods and then another does not notice our presence. We turn off the bikes to observe this beautiful animal. A little later he raises his head and realizes that we are there a few meters from him. A quick look and then away into the woods. Returning to the starting point we spot a group of albino deer. Among these stands a large male with a huge horn stage. A real show. The day could not have ended in a better way. See you next time.