October 21, 2018 - Lunch in the forest with the flea!

All photos here https://goo.gl/zB5zDR

Today it's just me and the flea. Astrid would you like to go out on a motorcycle? Yesssssssssssssssssssss ! So let's have lunch in the woods and try to meet some deer. Unless you say we are ready, try intercom and choice of my daughter's favorite songs and straight to the supermarket to buy something for lunch and a treat before coffee and hot chocolate. We head south of the Häckeberga nature reserve where you have a good chance of meeting some deer or fallow deer. Unfortunately, this time we have no luck but on the other hand we can see an eagle, numerous buzzards, a pheasant and many cows !! The hunger is felt so I head to the small forest of Prästaskogen. Immersed in the magic of autumn colors, we have lunch with a good Caesar salad sitting on an old tree. Immediately after I prepare the hot chocolate for my daughter while she enjoys playing with the leaves and her scout knife. After the chocolate is my turn! The inevitable coffee with mocha. We still have some time to play together in the woods and then head for home. Only two hours but intense in the company of my little flea. See you next time