20 oktober 2018 - Höstens färger

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Wonderfully beautiful autumn season for lovers of motorbike tourism. In this period, nature enchants with its colors and fills every single place with magic. Today is a good day, good weather conditions and a great desire to have fun. Much of the route crosses large wooded areas on unpaved roads to fully enjoy this wonderful gift of nature. We are many at the start ready for this new adventure. The ground is still wet from the rain this morning. We leave the city and soon reach the north of the Häckeberga nature reserve. The road is a carpet of dry leaves, the trees seem to come out of a fairy tale, with the most beautiful clothes of autumn. A thousand shades of green, yellow, orange. An explosion of colors that leaves you breathless, which enchants, a medicine against stress. We stop in a small wood for the inevitable coffee with mocha and homemade orange cake, now a custom. You want to roll on the ground among millions of dry leaves, looking at the trees shaken by the wind and letting themselves covered by a magical rain of leaves that come down like confetti. The road is a succession of colors, brushstrokes of yellow, red, green, orange. We reach the equipped area of ​​Lake Gyllebo near Vik where we stop for lunch. I wanted to remove a whimper all Italian and so I bought the mortadella !! Bread and mortadella with lake view, not bad as lunch. After coffee, we set off for the Verkeån nature reserve near Brösarp. The place is simply wonderful. A long winding road through the woods along the Verkeån river. We stop shortly before the road ends. Here autumn gives us the best of itself. Impossible to describe the beauty of this place. Unfortunately I have to return home and leave the traveling companions to enjoy the magic of this enchanting place for a while. The return is fast, listening to my favorite music among the last glimpses of the Swedish autumn. See you next time