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2007-01-30, 20:50
hi people,just heard from the family in the isle of man,steam packet are under pressure to supply enough ships to fullfill there obligations,and as for flights,well,just try and hope you get lucky,accomodation is all gone and only camping sites available,however the local goverment will set up official organised sites above and beyond the normal quota,and they are even appealing to boat owners to open up......so good luck.....
last year i arrived one day early and tried to squeeze my way on ,i had to wait 7 hours but the loading went normally well....which seems at the time like the biggest cluster fuk youve ever seen in your life......like organised chaos.......they let us 6 bikes on but all the 200 others thought that they could squeeze on too.....well,,,,you can imagine eh......suffise to say ....get there early,dont expect toilets after kl;1700 as the terminal closes then,and look to buy fast food from the criminal who turns up at 1900 with a small caravan,great bacon sndwiches and clears off when his van is full of money........good food though
the terminal at heysham is a nightmare,a constant loud whooshing noise comes out from the factory close by all the time,and considering the money that comes over to the island i would of thought that the ferry service could put in a mobile shitter for the woman at least.....aaaaah well,maybe its just me eh......if i can be of help please write