Visa fullständig version : isle of man

2007-01-28, 14:29
hi people.....englishman here in skåne,have my home in the isle of man and am already booked and travelling down with another bike,my mate is not sure if his wife is going to come over which could leave 1 bed free, but if anyone is interested i can call my parents and maybe they know someone who can help,as it is even i am on a mattrass on the floor at my own home,
anyway,write here or to my e address and we can but try....no promises ok,
personally speaking my advice would be to use a camp site at this late time as its impossible to find a place,in rough weather the shipping company opened up the terminal to let a few hundred drowned out bikers take refuge from the shit rain a few years ago.....so watch out,if i can help please write in english or swedish....paul