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2017-09-14, 11:11
Used Bikes: Bmw GS 1200 R - Bmw GS 1200 AD

Departure: July 21, 2017

Arrival: July 31, 2016

Km Tracks: 3.750

Visited nations: Sweden-Norway

11 of the 18 Norwegian tourist roads http://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no/en/routes

Ryfylke-Hardanger-Hardangervidd-Aurlandsfjellet-Valdresflye-Sognefjellet-Gaularfjellet-Gamle Strynefjellsvegen-Geiranger, Trollstigen-Atlanterhavsvegen-Rondane

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21 July 2017 (325 km) Finally you leave. In fact this was not the scheduled trip. I should have left with my wife in June between Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany but unfortunately for a foot problem had to give up. So I started planning another trip to solitude. I had never traveled the Norwegian tourist roads despite having been there several times. Looking at the Norwegian site http://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no/en/routes I drove down in a few days a nice route that united 11 of the 18 tourist roads in Norway. It has come out of a journey of about 3,800 km to be traversed in 11 days. Meanwhile, my friend Pierre, as soon as he knew of my destination, gave up his availability. He decided to leave in two. On July 21, in the early afternoon, in a slight rain, you go north. After about a hundred kilometers the weather improves and begins to peek into the clouds a timid sun. It's time for a coffee break, of course with the inevitable moka. Within a few hours we come near Stenungsund, about twenty kilometers after Göterborg at the Stenungsunds Vandrarhem http://www.stenungsundsvandrarhem.se where I had booked a room through Booking.com. Lovely location of the property with really modest prices. The luggage was arranged for dinner. It's time to try the bolognese ravioli accompanied by a beer! All in all no bad. The sky has opened, and one of those sunsets has come out of your soul. The clouds mirror the calm waters of the bay and the sun slowly disappears on the horizon. It could not end this journey. Now you sleep, tomorrow you will enter Norway.

July 22, 2017 (230 km) Great sunny day, better could not be. At 10 am we have the ferry from Strömstad to Sandefjord. Breakfast and baggage arrangements make our way north. After just over 100 km we reach the small port of Strömstad. We do full gas before departure as it costs less in Sweden and then make the tickets we ship timely. The crossing takes about two and a half hours. You rest on the deck under a magnificent sunshine admiring the small islets that characterize this stretch of sea. Let's get acquainted with a group of Swedish motorcyclists with whom we exchange four chats. Once you land on Norwegian territory you head off quickly on the highway towards Larvik and then immediately after Porsgrunn. Finally, we leave the highway and take the road 356. Norway begins to show the best of it. Small lakes, mountains, woods. A real show. We finally get to Henseid Skole http://www.henseidskole.com/, an old school turned into a hostel. The property is in a quiet location, just steps from the huge Tokke Lake. We are given a huge room with plenty of kitchen and small living room. Made a nice hot shower prepares dinner. For Bolognese pasta tonight. We eat in the beautiful garden of the structure. When done we will take a long walk along the shores of the lake. Everywhere on the strawberry road and wild raspberries. Of course you get a big bang. The lake view is wonderful. The traffic is virtually absent and the only noise you can perceive is the singing of birds.

July 23, 2013 (370 km) The day is magnificent. Shining sun and a magnificent blue sky. After a good breakfast and the inevitable coffee go. Norway is beginning to give its best. A continual climb and descend among majestic landscapes, small lakes, immense forests. Extraordinary reflections of the mountains, clouds on the calm waters of the lakes. Along the way we take several stops to enjoy the panorama and the inevitable coffee. Near Rysstad we leave on the 9th Street to the magnificent FV337 climbing up the mountains. The vegetation is practically absent, only grass and small shrubs. Here in winter it is very cold. They start to glimpse here and the small residual snow portions. Let's stop for lunch. One of the sheep that are very common here is approaching curiously in search of something to eat. Once in Byrkjedal, the road is interrupted and we have to make a small detour as a result of the service car. Meanwhile, we met the Swedish guys known on the ferry and, given the wait, we all take advantage of a good Italian coffee. After about 20 minutes everyone starts in the column. After about half an hour we arrive at Vatne at the Kronen Gaard hotel booked via Booking.com. The structure is very pretty. After a nice hot shower we eat at the hotel's restaurant. My travel companion wanted at all costs to offer me dinner. Great salmon appetizer and very good meat with potatoes and various outlines all watered by a great Norwegian beer. After dinner, we take advantage of a short walk. The low sun brings a wonderful light. In the distance a magnificent rainbow. Beautiful, stands out in the greenery of the vegetation but does not promise anything good for tomorrow. We'll see

2017-09-14, 11:11
24 July 2017 (280 km) The day does not look bad despite the forecasts raining. Nowadays, the first of the Norwegian tourist routes is scheduled for the Ryfylke. Made a huge breakfast we are ready for departure. A few miles and we arrive at the ferryboat ferry between Lauvvik and Oanes. A pleasant crossing with a wonderful landscape. As soon as we land, we follow the road 13 crossing the Botnetvatnet lake and then climb up. The landscapes that follow are left without words. A spectacle of nature. We arrive at the ferry of the day Nesvik-Hjelmeland. The weather conditions are good and strictly respecting the speed limits we enjoy the scenery. Each curve has a sophistication. Small waterfalls, lakes, forests extending to the eye. Once in Erdfjord, Ryfylke divides into two. One in the direction of Sand and the other towards Marvik. I choose the second road along 520 until you reach the Svandalsfossen waterfall. The river flows up and with a big leap reaches the shore of the lake below. An extraordinary spectacle enriched by a magical and lush vegetation that characterizes the area. After the visit we take a break for a good coffee and eat something. The 520 road is a thrilling beauty. We climb to the summits between snowy mountains, small lakes, enchanting views. Nature in all its beauty accompanies us to Håra where Ryfylke ends. Continuing on the E134 we reach Skare. A few miles and begins the second road to the Handarger. On road 13, in short, we come to one of the most impressive, spectacular and spectacular waterfalls in Norway, the Låtefossen. Water noise is deafening. The twin waterfalls are found in the narrow valley of Oddadalen. Impetuous descend from the mountain, raising a veil of small droplets, while the river flows under the old stone bridge. Just the time to visit them and it begins to rain. Worn the rain starts again, reaching Odda where we turn right following the lake. Leave the rain behind Sekse and make a coffee break with a stunning view of the fjord. A few miles and come to Ullensvang at Hardanger Hostel B & B booked via Booking.com. The property is located on a hill with a breathtaking view of the fjord. We arrange the luggage and after a relaxing hot shower we cuddle for the evening. The evening is too good for not having a pleasant walk through the old church of the country. On the shore there are plenty of cultivated lands, big as table tennis balls! On the opposite side of the fjord, the mountains are still snow-covered. Silence reigns sovereign. Pure magic.

July 25, 2017 (405 km) After having had an abundant breakfast and preparing the bikes, we head for Kinsarvik to take the ferry to Utne. Unfortunately, the ship has just departed and it is up to us to pay an hour. The weather is not bad and we take advantage of it to have a good coffee and visit the old wooden church right in front of the boarding. We also do some shopping at the nearby market. The crossing takes about 20 minutes and once landed at Utne we take the road 550 towards Jondal. A real show. Small, narrow and with many curves with stunning views of the Hardangerfjorden. We arrive just in time for the departure of the ferry. After a few minutes of crossing, we reach Torvikbygd where we will take the road 49. Shortly after we reach the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. The Steindalsfossen waterfall is not the highest in Norway, but it is very spectacular, and through the special walkways that have been built allows you to walk behind without getting wet. A detail note deserves the information office bathroom at the parking lot, open space overlooking the river! Following fv7 in the direction of Granvin, we cross the fjord on the opposite side and through the road 13 we reach another waterfall on the road between Granvin and Voss. It is the Skjervsfossen with its twin waterfalls that wind up from a height of 150 meters. Here we take advantage of something to eat. We go back to Granvin by the road 13. A giant bridge connects the two banks of the fjord and across the road 7 we reach Eidfjord where the third of the Hardangervidda tourist routes starts with its national park which with its 8,000 square kilometers is the largest Norway National Park. Through a long spiral tunnel that rises up the mountain we come to Vøringsfossen, perhaps the most famous waterfall in Norway. With its 182 meters water makes a jump in the valley of Måbødalen. The scenery is impressive and at the same time magnificent. Coffee break before going on the plateau between lakes and snowy mountains. Beautiful scenery. Following the road 7 to Hagafoss and then the road 50 we reach the small village of Hol with its beautiful medieval wooden church right on the Holsfjorden. Continuing on road 50 there are lakes, waterfalls, fjords, breathtaking landscapes. We come near Aurlandsvangen after an exciting, serpentine road descending down to the fjord with spectacular views. We have already traveled more than 400 km. We try to find accommodation for the night but the beliefs are all occupied. Once you have arrived at Lunde Camping, here too. We are tired and we do not want to continue researching so for tonight you have to settle for sleeping in the tent. After a nice hot shower we prepare dinner just down the river that runs beside the campsite. Great day today.

July 26, 2017 (km 390) Despite having slept in the tent I feel quite rested. Of course it is not a great convenience especially when it comes to disassembling it all. Make a fleeting breakfast start. The weather is not bad either, or sometimes the sun is out. Once at Aurlandsvangen, another Aurlandsfjellet tour begins. We take the Bjorgavegen up into the mountains practically on the long tunnel leading to Laerdal. The road is simply stunning and leads to Stegastein, an elegant platform with a unique view of the Arland Fjord. From the illusion of leaping into the void, reaching 30 feet above the pines and 650 meters above the fjord. The glass front increases the sensation of being suspended in the vacuum. It starts again, finally reaching the summit at Flotane on the Auralandsfjellet. Now you really feel "on top". Here you will find a plateau with peaks and glaciers in the distance. There is still so much snow on the roadside and the lakeside waters are still icy. The sun shines again making the landscape even more beautiful. It starts to go down to Laerdal. The landscape becomes sweeter. On the road we encounter a singular work of art. From the parking lot you enter a cave called "Hiete på Vedahaugane". It is a letargo bear sleeping on a group of "scrap" coming from different ages. Scrap is nothing but objects found in flea markets and near neighboring shops. A truly singular work. Following the E16 and then the road 51 towards Beitostolen always immersed in stunning scenery, we reach Valdresfyle the fifth of the planned tourist routes. On the road we stop for lunch and the inevitable coffee. From Rjupa you enjoy a panoramic view of the ancient mountain hills on Lake Vinstervatn and the mountain landscape of the valley of Valdres. Majestic Lake Gjende is at the door of Jotunheimen National Park. With its clear, green water and the surrounding peaks, Gjende is known as the most beautiful and scenic lake in Jotunheimen Massif. Following the road 51 and then road 15 we reach Lom. Immediately park the bike and head for the Prestfossen Zip-Line! Through a long steel cable you go down the river Bøvre, beyond the waterfall until you reach the information center. It's a unique and exciting experience, it's a shame that my Go-Pro was in the end hooked to the steel cable, breaking the security cable and falling in the rapids !! Sadly sad not for the room but for losing the videos made so far I do not lose my mind and I am afraid of taking me behind my camera !! The video we can even go now! Few kilometers later we find accommodation at a small camping on road 55 near Galdbygde. For dinner, tagliatelle to the angry and a good beer to dispose of a bit of anger!

2017-09-14, 11:12
July 27, 2017 (380 km) Get up early, follow the road 55. It rises high up between waterfalls, lakes and the enormous tail of the impressive glacier characterizing the entire territory. The temperature dropped dramatically and everywhere there is snow. Few miles and the road starts to go down gently and the landscape becomes even more lush. The sun shines again and we take advantage of it for a good coffee. We reach the Sognefjorden always on the road 55 until we reach the Hella-Dragsvik ferry from where the seventh planned tourist route begins, Gaularfjellet. Following Fv 13 we come after a series of spectacular bends to the Utsikten. The Gaularfjellet belvedere is one of the nicest spots and offers spectacular views of the 1,500-meter-high mountains and deep canyons. Few miles and we reach the Likholefossen. The gorgeous Gaula river waterfalls with the steel flexible bridge make this magical place. The deafening noise of the water covers any other noise. The scenery is enchanting and continuing beyond the bridge you can continue the walk along the Fossestien, a long path in the woods. Through the E39 we reach Byrkjelo. The road to Utvik is interrupted and the only way to reach it is to go a long way to catch the ferry to Anda for Lote. A few minutes and come to the beautiful lake Hornindalsvatnet. We try to find accommodation in different campsites but it's all full. In the last campsite they have a free caravan but have already confirmed to a couple who is on the road. The manager proposes to sleep in the reception at a lower price. We will not say it twice. We arrange the luggage and wait until 20.30 to close the reception to make us comfortable. We also have a magnificent view of the lake. Tonight you are gulash dinner .. naturally boxed!

28 July 2017 (Km 290) The night passed quietly at reception! We awaken with a wonderful landscape. Low clouds between the road and the mountain right in the middle make this place particularly impressive. Let's take breakfast by taking advantage of the fact that the reception is not open yet. The air is sparkling and we look forward to traveling. On road 15 in the direction of Folva the road starts to climb up. Take the road 258. Gamle Strynefjellsvegen starts the eighth of the planned tourist routes. We cross the old stone bridge of 1883 and then come to the beautiful Videfossen waterfall at the end of the valley of Hjelledalen. From here a magnificent view of the valley and the Skåla peak, which reaches an altitude of 1,848 meters high. We leave the asphalt road for a long stretch of dirt between snow, ice and breathtaking scenery. It begins to descend on road 15 and then on 63 from where the ninth of the planned tourist routes begins, the Geiranger-Trollstigen. The landscape leaves breathless. Lush vegetation, with small waterfalls everywhere and in the background the fjord with numerous cruise ships at anchor. The traffic is intense among the bugs, motorhomes and cars that make up the gap between the harbor and the mountain. Arriving at the harbor we go to the Ørnevegen, which is the name of the eleven curves that rise on the steep hill of Geiranger towards Eidsdal. Every bend is an emotion and an extraordinary spectacle for the panorama you can admire. At the top a dense fog covers all the mountains but ormail the beautiful has passed. It begins to descend towards Eidsdal where the ferry takes for Linge. The crossing is very enjoyable, the weather is on our side and the superb panorama. We continue to Valldal on the road 63. A few miles and we reach the Gudbrandsjuvet Gorge. It is a gorge located in the valley of the Valldalen, with steep mountains and the flowing river. For millennia, the river Valldøla has cut the rock creating large holes and intricate rock formations. Really an extraordinary spectacle from nature. The platform that allows you to admire the whole is shaped like a garland in the ground. Really nice. Let's take a break to eat something and for the inevitable coffee. We follow the road 63 until we reach one of the most beautiful and picturesque streets of all of Norway, the Trollstigen. From the large platform you can admire in all its beauty the road that winds through eleven steep bends on the mountain. On one side the Stigfossen waterfall that goes down to the valley. Several observation points. The weather is on our side and the sun shines again. What a show. After a long break it starts to descend along the eleven bends until you reach the service area with lots of trolls. Here we take advantage of having a coffee in the company of some American kids around Europe with the bike and who will especially appreciate Italian coffee! Take the road 63 again on the road 64 towards Bud. We are just a few kilometers from the tenth planned tourist route, the Atlanterhavsvegen but the weather does not promise anything good. Check out the weather forecast for next day and give sun all day. Decide to find accommodation for the evening near Stavik. We find a beautiful hitte at the Blåhammer campsite located in a lovely place on the coast. Tomorrow the Atlantic Road is waiting for us!

29 July 2017 (km 390) The weather forecast was correct. It welcomes us a wonderful sunny day with a clear sky. In the early morning I took advantage of it for a short walk on the dock. Breakfast with bread, nutella and coffee goes to the Atlantic Road. Let's get to the place very soon. For many who have already been, they have been a bit disappointed with the expectations. It would be the shining sun, the blue of the sky and the very little traffic but it seemed to me wonderfully beautiful. I've been enjoying it more than once back and forth for the bridges. The road on the Myrbarholm bridge is a visual delight that curves elegantly from the island to the island on the seven bridges. The relaxing, quiet landscape. Just open the helmet and hear the voices of the gulls flying up. Unique and unforgettable experience. We follow the road 64 to Kristiansund and then the E70 road and E39 to Folldal where we take the road 27 the Rondane is the last of the planned tourist routes. Here, just close your eyes to feel the mountains reaching over 2,000 meters of altitude. Like the giants, the mountains look at us on the road that we ride immersed in the Rondane National Park. We reach the Sohlbergplassen observation point on Lake Atnsjøen. From the deck a spectacular view of the lake and the rounded summits of the Rondane massif almost exactly as they appear in the famous painting "Winter's Night in Rondane" by Harald Sohlberg. Shortly after, we find accommodation at the Solhaug Camping in a very large hitte right on the mouth of the river Setningen, which is apparently well-known for fishing. After a nice hot shower and an abundant dinner I took it for a short walk along the river. The sun is still shining and some fishermen try to fate on the waters of the river.

2017-09-14, 11:13
July 30, 2017 (Km 560) Today I leave my travel companion coming home directly. I continue on road 219 towards Sollia to visit the old wooden church. In 1720 a law was introduced which required people to go to church at least twice a year. The inhabitants of the Setningsdalen valley had to go a long way through the mountains to Ringebu to reach the nearest church and on one occasion a whole group of travelers died of sting because of a storm. In 1732, the king authorized the construction of a new church, but the inhabitants of Sollia did not receive the funds needed for construction. As a result, local parishioners found the right ground and collected timber and stone to build it. It was completed in 1738. I continue to Atna and take the number 3 road to a very unique artwork, the Great Alce. It is a 10-meter high altitude on the Bjøroa stop at Stor-Elvdal. Behind there is a strange story. Calling "Death Road 3" for the many accidents due to the collisions with this large animal, very present in these places, it was decided to make it safer, first placing it along its entire path on the tops of the headsprings trees Of different colors of moons that contributed to reducing the rate of accidents and then with the project of building the world's largest steel mole. Placed in a resting area has become a tourist attraction in a short time, inviting motorists to stop to admire the work and rest. Achieved perfectly. The work was built by Linda Bakke in several years and most of the work was done in China. In December 2016, the oceans were transported from China to Norway on the site they are currently in. Only when you get down you can understand the real dimensions of this work. Since it is still early and there are very few people parking the bike right under the moose to give an idea of the proportions. Continue to Elverum on the road 3 and then take the E 6 to Oslo. He starts his way back to Sweden. In the evening I came a few kilometers from Göterborg at Stenungsunds Vandrarhem where I stayed the first night. After about six hundred kilometers I cuddle with Bolognese pasta, beer, cake and strawberries!

July 31, 2017 (km 220) I get up quietly and have breakfast. The bike along the voyage began to lose a bit of oil from the cardan just under the wheel obviously the gasket is now consumed and I did not hurt to change it when I changed the oil. After the first 50 km touch with the hand the cardan to see if it heats. It had never been so hot so far. I continue on the low speed road and check it every 30 km! At about 120 km from Malmö I stop at a rest area. It has warmed so much now. It's better not to risk breaking everything. I have free assistance and take advantage of it but on the phone they tell me they can only leave me to the nearest Bmw service center at about 40km. I absolutely want my mechanic. So I call my travel companion who is already in Malmö and who is aware of the problem. It is proposed to rent a trailer and to come and take me. About 50 euros for a whole day. So seeing the magnificent sunny day I make a nice coffee and stretch myself to the sun waiting for it to arrive. After about an hour and a half comes to the square. Load the bike and head for Malmö. We leave the trailer with the bike at his home and then at my house to unload the luggage. In the end, in one way or another, we have concluded together this gorgeous and exciting journey on the road!
I thank Pierre Lussagnet for the wonderful holiday spent together and for his great kindness and availability. Next

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